March Of Dimes

January 20, 2010

I just wanted to post a short note of thanks for all the great work the March of Dimes does for pregnant women and babies. We have joined with the March of Dimes for a wonderful shower at Portsmouth Naval Hospital for military moms and dads with premature babies (see our A is for Apple post here).  We hope to be joining with them this year as well for a shower or two –  or three.

Although I was well aware of the March of Dimes as an organization, I did not fully appreciate the great work they do until I was able to work closely with their team this past year.   They have a wonderful program since 1995 — the NICU Family Support program — which they are working to expand to more military hospitals.   They are also re-launching Mission Healthy Baby, to provide military service members and their families with the information they need for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy newborn.   These are the  programs Operation Shower is supporting, by providing showers to these same women and also helping to distribute the information from the March of Dimes.

So, thank you to the March of Dimes for their great work for pregnant military women and families — and for all families.