Operation Give Thanks 2010!

What Is Operation Give Thanks?

Operation Give Thanks is a nation-wide fundraising campaign to help Operation Shower continue our mission to throw amazing baby showers for military families to ease the burden of deployment.

We are often asked how to best help Operation Shower.   We decided that since Operation Shower gives back to our military families through parties,  so can YOU !

We are asking people across the nation to host a party, big or small, between now and the end of the year to raise money for Operation Shower.  What a wonderful way to express your gratitude and thanks at this special time of year — and have fun!

Our long-term goal is to reach every military base in the nation. Our short-term goal is to raise $50,000 through Operation Give Thanks to enable us to shower over 200 more moms-to-be ! That’s right, if you raise $250 for Operation Shower, that helps us to throw a full amazing baby shower with gifts for a military mom to be whose spouse is deployed!

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What Kind of Party Should I Host?  How do I get Started?

We know it’s not easy to host a party, so we have provided some help!

As Fundraising Event Host, you have the freedom to create an event that works for you —

  • a small get-together with friends,
  • a party (or giving jar) in conjunction with Thanksgiving,
  • a fundraising baby shower,
  • a wine-tasting party,
  • a craft party with kids, or
  • a full-blown gala.

If you decide to host a party, please email us at lena@operationshower.org or amy@operationshower.org and we will help guide you  and provide more information!

Download our Fundraising Event Handbook here for more ideas.

Free Printables From Some of Our Favorite Party Sites!

Our last shower for military moms in Washington, DC was our first “ A Star is Born” themed party. Whether it is a baby shower, dinner party, birthday party or bake sale everyone wants to be a star!  So,we have provided ways in which you could provide your own “star” related event on behalf of Operation Give Thanks.

If you are interested in this theme, follow the links for Paper & Cake, Paper & Pigtails, or Parties By Hardie.  They are offering free printables for this theme!

Paper & Cake Paper & Pigtails Parties By Hardie

These could be great for so many different events!

If you would rather go with more of a Fall theme for your party, check out the links for Hostess with the Mostess and TomKat Studios.

Hostess with the Mostess The TomKat Studio

These are all spectacular printables and should give you great ideas!

What Else Can I do?

Whether you host a party or not, there are other ways to be involved:

  • Join our on-line Network to learn other ways to help and also to keep up with what others are doing for Operation Shower
  • Volunteer