An Un”FORE”gettable Baby Shower

July 23, 2012

It’s already been a busy year for us and we have no plans to slow down as we wrap up Summer and head into the Fall. We have more moms to reach and are able to do so with the support of all of you!

As you know, we were at The Players Championship this Spring for our “A Celebration Fore Baby” shower and we wanted to share a few more of the photos that really made this one a Hole in One! Don’t “fore”get to read all about it here. (Okay, no more golf puns.)

A look at the Par”Tee” scene.  (Wow, it is harder to stop than we thought)

Fabulous dessert table!

A gallery of gifts for everyone and some amazing raffle prizes.

The best part: Happy, happy, happy moms!

Car seats for all moms from Jim and Tabitha Furyk brings even more smiles. Add Maclaren strollers into the mix and you have grins from ear to ear!

When in doubt how to wrap up a post on such an amazing day, leave ’em with photos of cute babies (and one incredibly sweet photo of a dad who made it home just in time to meet his new baby).

Thank you, again, to everyone who made this day possible!

Photos by Art & Alex Photography, Amy McCall and Lori Lee Photography.