Co-Founder and Chief Shower Officer

LeAnn Morrissey

Founder and Chief Shower Officer

LeAnn is the Chief Shower Officer of Operation Shower (a title she gave herself ) and is responsible for the overall management of Operation Shower, including  implementing the organization’s strategic plan and mission and working to make each and every shower an event that is worthy of the women and families we support. This includes working with individual and corporate donors and volunteers to best implement the mission of Operation Shower.     LeAnn is the mother of a super-creative boy and volunteer, Keilan, age 10, and the wife of the most-supportive husband ever, Ed (thank you for all the garage and basement space for so long, honey). LeAnn serves on the Board of Directors of Operation Shower.

Chief Event Organizer

Amy Belle Isle

Chief Event Planner

Amy is responsible for the spectacular event planning related to the group showers and Operation Shower events. In addition, she works to make our showers in a box a beautiful gift for each mom.   As founder of the former entertaining blog and business,  Stem Parties, a boutique event planning service in St. Louis, Missouri, she was introduced to LeAnn to help with a fundraiser. From there, the two joined forces and Amy never left! Amy’s work has been featured on several well-read entertaining websites and she feels it is an honor  to be able to join her passion for making people feel like a VIP guest with her desire to help others. Amy and her husband, Paul, now live in Massachusetts. Amy would like to thank LeAnn and all other forms of internet and video-chat technology for making it possible to work remotely and continue this amazing journey!

Product Director

Lia Nunez

Product Director

Lia is responsible for collecting all of the gifts for the Showers in a Box. This involves working with large and small baby product companies as well as groups of wonderful volunteers across the country. Lia interned after graduating from Washington University in St. Louis and LeAnn and Amy were crazy (smart) enough to keep her around full-time! Lia loves being a part of this wonderful team and
seeing all of the smiling moms at each shower.


Lindsey Fletcher

Director, Program Development

Lindsey joined staff as Director of Program Development in September 2015. The military lifestyle is not new for Lindsey, as her husband, SGT Ryan Fletcher served two tours in Iraq a a United States Marine. After working in non-profit development for eight years, Lindsey is excited to share her experience and talent to contribute to the success of Operation Shower. When Lindsey is not working, she enjoys spending time with Ryan and their daughter Emma.