Operation Shower’s mission is to host joyous baby showers for military families to ease the various stresses of deployment. For military families who are expecting a new baby and are experiencing or have recently experienced deployment, we accomplish our mission through:

  • hosting amazing baby showers;
  • delivering high-quality products;
  • creating a shared experience;
  • bringing recognition to military families; and
  • working with individuals and companies to provide them an opportunity to show their appreciation and love for military families.

The person/group nominated must (1) have a spouse or partner who is deployed or deploying at some point during her pregnancy; (2) be active duty with a group that is deploying, or (3) have a spouse or partner who was injured during deployment. If you would like a group to be considered for a group shower when Operation Shower is in your area, please fill out the form here.   If you would like to nominate an individual to attend a group shower, please fill out the information for the person you are nominating. Once we receive your information, we will review the information and determine if there is match to a shower in your area and will contact you in advance if a shower becomes a possibility. We are working to shower as many families as we can, but there are no guarantees to being included in an event.

What is a Group Shower?

A group shower is a great event! It is a party pure and simple! Operation Shower’s goal with a group shower is to show our appreciation to expectant mothers who are experiencing or have recently experienced deployment during their pregnancies.  After gathering donations, Operation Shower prepares a Shower in a Box for each mom-to-be who will be attending the shower. The Showers in a Box are then delivered by the Operation Shower Team at an amazing baby shower (as that is what these women deserve) for the entire group of moms.   It is a time for moms-to-be to gather with other moms in a similar situation and to celebrate the babies on the way! To learn how to Sponsor a group shower, please contact leann@operationshower.org

What is a Shower in a Box?

A Shower in a Box is just what it sounds like – an entire baby shower in one box. The Shower in a Box is based on a typical baby registry and we work to provide every category of gift  for every mom-to-be so she is truly off to a great start with her new baby.  Operation Shower works hard to provide as many wonderful items for the mom-to-be and new baby as possible. There are many ways to contribute to the group showers and Showers in a Box:

  1. Donate money to help us fund the showers;
  2. Become a Sponsor of Operation Shower;  (see our current sponsors here)
  3. Help fill the Showers in a Box by donating new gifts for the mom or baby (or donate an entire Operation Shower – Kit) ;
  4. Join with a group and gather donations; and
  5. Volunteer.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities or if you have other questions about contributing, please contact us. Picture from Portsmouth, Va shower, courtesy of www.lifeographer.com