A Moment in Time – Operation Shower’s Update on our COVID-19 Response

Dear Operation Shower Community, 

This is LeAnn, Chief Shower Officer of Operation Shower.    I am writing to let everyone in our community of support know how we at Operation Shower are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and that we are sending all of our love to each of you.  

Focus on the Moments.  At Operation Shower, this has been one of our guiding principles.  We believe that moments of delight, of joy, of surprise and of love are what make life so grand!  

This is why our mission – to host dream baby showers for military families and bring them together with others  – focuses on providing these moments.  We show military families the love that their country has for them. We surprise them with giveaways and our “Oprah moments.” We hope to delight them with all the little touches throughout the shower just for them.  We know it makes a difference. 

However, right now, we are not able to gather to host these group showers and bring families together to celebrate.  So, while we are on hold for hosting the group baby showers, we are looking for ways to pivot and still provide moments of joy and love to military families until we can do so in person again.  We are looking at virtual and on-line options and will keep you posted and would love your ideas! 

But we also know that the idea of providing a baby shower to a military mom-to-be who cannot be with their family for a shower is how and why Operation Shower started!  We started in 2007 sending individual Showers in a Box to military families across the country who were separated by deployment. And today, we continue sending individual boxes through our B is for Baby box program.  So, we want to expand on this original idea and our box program overall. 

Current Plan/Focus

Our current plan is to work to send more of these boxes to individual military families who are experiencing the exciting time of expecting a new baby while also going through this uncharted time of social isolation. In addition to the isolation due to the pandemic, many of these moms may be separated from their spouse or partner due to deployment. And, as we can expect, many families across the country are going to be experiencing financial uncertainty during this time.

Our goal is to continue to be a resource to provide needed support and moments of joy for these military families!   

At this point, we have no indication that sending packages presents a risk to our communities or the recipients.  However, we will take all necessary and responsible safety precautions in order to send these boxes. Here are some of the steps we will take: 

  • Operation Shower has an office in St Louis, MO from which all of our boxes are shipped.  We will have three people total that will be packing the boxes and only one person at a time in the office.
  • We are increasing our hand-washing and disinfecting in the office, as well as following all guidelines recommended by the CDC. 
  • If any member of our local team comes in contact with someone who has a confirmed or presumptive case of COVID-19, or has been in contact with anyone who does, we will temporarily close our office doors for the appropriate time as recommended by health officials out of an abundance of caution. We understand a person may be infected long before displaying any symptoms and do not want to take any risks in spreading the virus.
  • We will be working from home when we are not packing the boxes or accepting shipments. We are following all CDC guidelines personally as well as professionally.

We do not want to stop providing these moments of JOY for military families.  Now, maybe more than ever, we know the power it can bring. So, if you are able and want to join with us in bringing joy and support to military families – you can help the most by donating here.

We will share what we are doing on a regular basis so you know how your donations are being utilized.  Thank you all again and stay safe.

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