Joining Forces for Red, White & Coo

April 28, 2011

It’s taken a little bit to write this blog post due to the outpouring of attention we’ve received. I also think we may still be in a little state of disbelief that it actually happened!

 On April 13, 2011, we were honored to host Red, White & Coo at Camp LeJeune, NC for 40 deserving military moms-to-be. Every single one of our showers is a very special event and we treat every one as such. We know that every mom deserves to feel like we’ve created a party just for them, so that’s what we do!

The fact that this shower was a featured stop on First Lady, Michelle Obama and Second Lady, Dr. Jill Biden’s Joining Forces initiative tour….well that made it extra special. You add in an appearance by Martha Stewart, filming for a television special on military families, and you can see why we are still pinching ourselves.

What you don’t see behind the scenes of Operation Shower is that we are still a very, very small organization run by all volunteers. Very small. So, to be a part of an event like this is a huge honor for us. We are humbled.

And, we are grateful. Grateful for our title sponsor, PGA TOUR, for answering the call so quickly and helping make this possible. Their charity logo says it best, “Together, anything’s possible.” Thank you, PGA TOUR. You are helping us bring smiles to a lot of moms and we are ever thankful.

Grateful for additional support from these generous donors:

Our new friends at Carousel Designs have deep military roots and huge hearts. Carousel Designs gifted every mom with a custom bedding package of their choice. Gorgeous bedding for every mom. What a gift. Thank you, Carousel Designs.

That bedding has a stunning home. Pottery Barn Kids surprised not just one mom with a crib, but every single mom walked away with a crib. Pottery Barn Kids also provided several items used for décor for the shower and truly helped make this day beautiful and memorable. Thank you.

Do you know You should. provides an amazing online service to help find care for children, adults and pets. Anyone needing care services knows what an expense it can be. You add in the emotional and financial stresses for our military families and the need for childcare is something we hear very often at our events. stepped in and provided every mom with three free months of services. As if that weren’t enough…one mom won the prize of an entire year of free childcare. A prize worth over $12,000. The tears of joy around the room said it all.

Special thanks to our friends, the March of Dimes. We were honored to have the March of Dimes there to speak to their commitment to healthy moms and healthy babies through their Mission: Healthy Baby program, and to include valuable information in our showers in a box to each mom.

Thank you, March of Dimes for what you do for moms and babies every single day.

So where do we go from here? I can assure you that this is the beginning of more great things to come. It is our hope that the Joining Forces movement sweeps the country and that individuals and companies step up and offer their support in big and small ways to our military families.

We also hope to take the attention received from this event and be able to turn it into more opportunities for funding and for growth. We want to reach even more moms-to-be and touch more families’ lives. We do what we can to honor our military and we’d love your support! Click here to donate.

Thank you for being a part of our efforts. We will make you proud!