Our Showers

Operation Shower believes that military families need to be celebrated and appreciated! We understand that military families are often separated during milestone events in their lives – like having a baby. That’s where we come in! Operation Shower works to be there for these families and show them they are not alone. Our amazing baby showers also ease their stresses with gifts for baby and mom, bring them together with other moms-to-be and provide a day of JOY!

We would love for you to be a part of the celebrations and show military moms-to-be they are seen and loved!

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Shower Celebration

Delivering JOY

This was the best day of my life! I had so much fun! I cried the whole time from all the love and support I received!

- Jeannie


Delivering SUPPORT

I loved seeing everyone being so supportive when military moms don’t always have a big support system away from home. It was nice to feel celebrated and be able to celebrate my baby when I otherwise would not have had that chance.

- Morgan

Military Family

Delivering  CONNECTION

It was so meaningful getting to connect to moms who know the struggle of military service.

- Tayleigh