Ready to Celebrate

Operation Shower loves to celebrate military moms-to-be in a variety of ways! Click the links below to be a part of one of our amazing baby shower programs.

Our Group Baby Showers

If you are a Family Readiness Officer, Ombudsman or other military family liaison, please fill out the Group Baby Shower Request form to submit your group for consideration of a possible group baby shower near your military base.

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The "B is for Baby" Box Program

Our “B is for Baby”Box (BIBB) Program is designed to help us show our love and support to as many military families as possible. A BIBB is a small box of baby items and other gifts for mom sent to a new military mom or mom-to-be. Through the BIBB program, we accept individual requests for eligible moms whom we are unable to reach through a group baby shower.

Submit “B is for Baby” Request

The "Welcome, Baby" Box Program

Our small, curated ”Welcome, Baby” boxes are another opportunity to meet military moms where they are. Through this program, we send sets of these boxes to military bases across the country for distribution. We would love your help!

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