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Operation Shower loves to celebrate military moms-to-be in a variety of ways! Click the links below to be a part of one of our amazing baby shower programs.

Shower Decorations

Our Group Baby Showers

If you are a Family Readiness Officer, Ombudsman or other military family liaison, please fill out the Group Baby Shower Request form to submit your group for consideration of a possible group baby shower near your military base.

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The "B is for Baby" Box Program

Our “B is for Baby”Box (BIBB) Program is designed to help us show our love and support to as many military families as possible. A BIBB is a small box of baby items and other gifts for mom sent to a new military mom or mom-to-be. Through the BIBB program, we accept individual requests for eligible moms whom we are unable to reach through a group baby shower.

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welcome baby box

The "Welcome, Baby" Box Program

Our small, curated ”Welcome, Baby” boxes are another opportunity to meet military moms where they are. Through this program, we send sets of these boxes to military bases across the country for distribution. We would love your help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the criteria for moms and moms-to-be to be eligible for a group baby shower or "B is for Baby" Box?

The military mom-to-be nominated for a “B is for Baby” Box or group shower must (1) have a spouse or partner who is deployed or deploying during the pregnancy (or pending adoption), or be going through an extended non-deployment absence during the pregnancy (2) be active duty herself with a group that is deploying or (3) have a partner who was injured during deployment.

The nominated mom-to-be should not have not been previously showered by another group during the current pregnancy, and the baby should be no older than three months at the time of receiving the box or the shower.
Moms should not nominate themselves for a group shower, but may nominate themselves for a “B is for Baby” Box. If we have a group shower in your area, we will let you know! Military Family liaisons may nominate their groups for a group shower.

How do I find out if I can attend a group baby shower?

Operation Shower works directly with points of contact on the military base selected to help identify and reach out to qualifying moms-to-be. We extend invitations to the qualifying moms based on the number of moms we are able to shower at that time.
If we are hosting a shower in a location where there are available spots for additional moms, we often utilize social media to announce that we are accepting more moms, and to notify potential applicants.

Note that we never discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability and genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization or other non-merit factor.

How do I nominate myself or another military mom for a B is for Baby Box?

To nominate yourself or another military mom-to-be for an individual B is for Baby Box, please fill out a B is for Baby Box request form. Please remember that while we are working to shower as many families as we can, it may be some time before your “B is for Baby” Box request is processed.

How can I nominate a group for a group baby shower?

If you are a mom, you can refer your base’s Family Readiness Officer/Key Spouse/Ombudsman to our website to fill out a group baby shower request form. These military liaisons need to nominate your group for a shower. If Operation Shower is bringing a group shower to the area, we can work with these contacts to reach out to all the eligible moms in the area!

How does a military base receive the Welcome, Baby boxes?

Operation Shower works with sponsors or volunteers to prepare Welcome, Baby boxes. When we have a group of boxes ready to send, we work to identify a military base liaison to help distribute these boxes to military families in need. If you have completed the Group Baby Shower request form and we are unable to host a shower in your area, we will reach out to discuss Welcome, Baby boxes if they become available.