B is for Baby

The "B is for Baby" Box Program

Our “B is for Baby”Box (BIBB) Program is designed to help us show our love and support to as many military families as possible. A BIBB is a small box of baby items and other gifts for mom sent to a new military mom or mom-to-be. Through the BIBB program, we accept individual requests for eligible moms whom we are unable to reach through a group baby shower.

B is for Baby

Who Should Apply?

The military mom-to-be nominated for a “B is for Baby” Box must (1) have a spouse or partner who is deployed or deploying during the pregnancy, or be going through an extended non-deployment absence during the pregnancy (2) be active duty herself with a group that is deploying or (3) have a partner who was injured during deployment.

The nominated mom-to-be should not have not been previously showered by another group during the current pregnancy, and the baby should be no older than three months at the time of receiving the box.

“B is for Baby” Box Program Application Form