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Operation Shower
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You have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a military mom-to-be! With your donation, you can help provide the funding to support our signature group baby showers (whether in-person, drive-through or virtual!) and our baby shower box programs.

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“Small moments of joy are often the first to go when we’re stressed or in a crisis. But they’re actually a tool to restore our emotional well-being,”

- Ingrid Fetell Lee

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Team Joy! is a passionate and committed community of monthly donors who know the value and importance of bringing JOY to military moms-to-be.

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“I cried the whole time opening the box of gifts I received. Knowing that they were things people donated to me without even knowing me really touched me. Being stationed away from family is hard and for that 60 minutes I felt like part of a little family.”

- 2020 Showered Mom