10th Anniversary Spotlight: Showered Mom Corbyn B.

2013 Operation Shower Mom

When and where was your Operation Shower experience?

We were showered at the All-Star Baby themed shower in October 2013 with PepsiCo at Scott AFB.

How old is your Operation Shower baby now?

He is 3 years old now.

Were you separated from your partner during your pregnancy or early months of your baby’s life?

During the early months of my baby’s life we were separated from each other.

How many children do you have?

We have 3 children.

Are you or your partner active duty?

We were both Active Duty, but I am separating from service in April 2017.

What is/was the most challenging part of being a military family?

Shift work for both parents and worrying about childcare can both be very challenging issues.

What is the most rewarding part of being a military family?

Realizing that you make the best of every situation and that your children are happy and healthy is very rewarding.

What is your favorite memory of your Operation Shower experience?

The experience was an overall blessing! Everything we received helped us financially, as we had 2 kids already and my husband and I were concerned with…how we were going to afford another child. I was able to use all the items we received or was able to pass some items on to friends (who were) having children after myself. I still use several of the items we received even all these years.

Like I said before, overall it was a true blessing and I was so glad then. I am still glad now that I was able to attend and be apart of this amazing organization.

If you could offer some words of encouragement to other military moms, what would it be?

You are capable of all things! Keep pushing, striving, and fighting for your family!

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