10th Anniversary Spotlight: Showered Mom Megan D.

2012 Operation Shower Mom

When and where was your Operation Shower experience?

My Operation Shower experience was in Long Island, NY in August 2012.

How old is your Operation Shower baby now?

Our son, Rhys, was born January 1, 2013 and he is currently 4 years old. 

Megan Devers' Son

Were you separated from your partner during your pregnancy or early months of your baby’s life?

Yes. We were separated for 7 months of my pregnancy and he came home one month before I was due.

How many children do you have?

Just one boy. 🙂

Are you or your partner active duty?

My husband is active duty in the US NAVY.

What is/was the most challenging part of being a military family?

The hardest part of being a military family is being apart for long periods of time. It gets harder when you have a child.

Megan Dever's Husband and SonWhat is the most rewarding part of being a military family?

The most rewarding part for me is supporting my sailor. Also, making lifelong friends with other military families.

What is your favorite memory of your Operation Shower experience?

I had so many great memories of Operation Shower. Meeting soon-to-be moms like myself with spouses deployed. Learning all about Operation Shower and how amazing this organization is. Also meeting Melissa Joan Hart!

What did Operation Shower mean to you when you were pregnant or a new mom?

That there was a group of people who really care about the military families and who want to make deployments easier for an expecting mother.

If you could offer some words of encouragement to other military moms, what would it be?

There are so many people who want to help you. Let them.

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