10th Anniversary Spotlight: Showered Mom Megan S.

Megan Sanchez's daughter

2014 Operation Shower Mom

When and where was your Operation Shower experience?

We were showered on September 2014 at The Players Cup in Jacksonville, FL.

How old is your Operation Shower baby now?

She turned two years old on February 4, 2017.

Megan Sanchez's husband and daughterWere you separated from your partner during your pregnancy or early months of your baby’s life?

We were separated from 6 weeks until 2 days after my due date.

How many children do you have?

1 child, plus 1 due in a few weeks!

Are you or your partner active duty?

My spouse is active duty.

What is/was the most challenging part of being a military family?

The hardest part for me is my husband missing life with me while he is gone. He has missed both of my pregnancies and getting to experience all those doctor appointments but, for us, we wanted him home to not miss out on our babies’ milestones. Having him be on deployment the past 7 months, he missed that time with our daughter and getting to watch her advance in speaking and daily routines. She looked like a baby when he left and he came home to an independent 2 year old. It’s hard to watch him miss that time with her but, as a family, we are so proud of his accomplishments in his military career and his selflessness.

What is the most rewarding part of being a military family?

The friendship of other military wives/families is the most rewarding. I met one of my very best friends because of my husband’s career. I would have never met her had he not been in the military. Our friendship is so different than those I have with non-military friends. She understands how I feel when my husband leaves. We can communicate with each other with limited effort even though (during 4 of our 6 years of friendship) we’ve been stationed states apart, our friendship is just as strong. I’m grateful that, although it’s hard to be a military family, it’s easy to become friends with those in the same situation.

What is your favorite memory of your Operation Shower experience?

Being able to witness such kindness from the volunteers and the shower host was amazing.

What did Operation Shower mean to you when you were pregnant or a new mom? 

It meant so much to me. Since my husband was deployed I felt like it was such an awesome thing to look forward to. During those difficult months I got to experience something that showered me as a soon-to-be mom and military spouse. That was so special.

If you could offer some words of encouragement to other military moms, what would it be?

Document everything! Even those silly moments that don’t provide the best pictures are still amazing memories. Those moments aren’t just for the ones experiencing them but also for a spouse not able to be here. My husband is grateful I’m constantly taking pictures of our daughter. Although he’s not able to witness everything in person, he still gets to see her grow through pictures and if that’s one way to help him while he’s deployed and separated from us, that’s something so simple I’m able to easily provide.

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