10th Anniversary Spotlight: Volunteer Meghann Tullie

Operation Shower Volunteer

When did you first start volunteering with Operation Shower?

My first shower was Travelers in 2013 and I’ve been in love ever since! 

Why did you choose Operation Shower as a way of giving back?

Fate really. I was looking through a magazine one night at work, and came across an article that mentioned Melissa Joan Hart had recently had a baby shower and donated gifts to Operation Shower. So I looked it up and thought I had to be involved with this. I sent them an email thinking they were probably on the other side of the country and I wouldn’t actually get to be a part of it, but I got an email from Amy saying she had just moved a half hour away from me.

What does giving back to military families through Operation Shower mean to you?

It means everything to me! I don’t think there’s anything else that makes me as happy as being involved in showers in any way!

What has been one of your favorite memories of volunteering with Operation Shower?

There are so many! Getting to see the reaction of so many people as they walk in to showers completely in awe of everything! But meeting Melissa Joan Hart and getting to thank her for “introducing” me to Operation Shower is one of my favorite moments.

If you could say one thing to military moms and families, what would it be?

Thank you. Thank you for all that you’ve sacrificed. Thank you for being so strong and balancing families, working, and running your house amongst deployments.

How many showers have you attended?

About 14.

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