Operation Shower was founded in 2007 – 10 years ago! It began with the idea that we should be doing more to acknowledge the families who were serving our country and to specifically recognize the women and moms-to-be who were experiencing pregnancies while their partners were deployed. The Shower in a Box was born!
Soon after, Operation Shower realized that sending individual boxes wasn’t enough, and that these women deserved a party and a chance to be with others in similar circumstances. Operation Shower’s signature program of hosting large group baby showers across the country began. Now each mom still receives a full baby shower’s worth of gifts and so much more!
Operation Shower has showered nearly 5,000 military families at almost 100 showers since 2007. We have worked with hundreds of volunteers and have received tremendous support from companies big and small.
10 years have passed, but the mission is the same: To host awesome, joyous baby showers for military families to ease the stresses of deployment!
A lot of awesome can happen in 10 years! And it has!


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