Why 4moms Cares: An Interview with 4moms’ Brand Engagement Coordinator

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By Lindsey Fletcher, Operation Shower Director of Product & Program Development

Generosity comes in many forms. As the Director of Product and Program Development for Operation Shower, I have the unique privilege of seeing generosity unfold in the form of tangible gifts: A.K.A. baby products! It’s been extraordinary, as a military wife and mom to see society through this lens. I am ever-humbled by the community of supporters who chose to wrap arms around families who are facing military deployments and it would be selfish to keep such a precious perspective to myself. So today, I am honored to share the story of why 4moms Cares.

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Smiles all around: Guests of our 2016 Waste Management Phoenix Open Shower react to the news that they will receive a 4moms rockaRoo.

It’s the baby product every new mom desires. I know this because I’m a mom. But even if you’re not a mom, you may know that products by 4moms are a hot commodity these days. Scroll through your social media feed or turn on Ellen; 4moms products are everywhere. So as the person tasked with acquiring product donations on behalf of Operation Shower, you can imagine my delight after 4moms agreed to donate their product to our upcoming showers.

As the Brand Engagement Coordinator, Erin Hess oversees the charitable giving initiatives for 4moms Cares. With Erin’s help, by April, 4moms will have donated approximately $137,000 worth of product to Operation Shower since 2015. I had the chance to chat with Erin earlier this week, and I was eager to learn more about the company that ‘Believes in better’:

Lindsey: “Erin, tell me about the culture at 4moms.”

Erin: “4moms is a great place to work. We do some really cool things here. We have so many creative engineers and they’re all focused on making dramatically better products. And, we really focus on our people because we know our people are our greatest asset.”

4moms blog postLindsey: How does 4moms decide which products to make?

Erin: “We start by asking, “How can we make a product dramatically better?” After listening to our consumers and identifying an opportunity, we’re able to leverage robotics and technology to help make life easier for parents. For example, we heard from parents that high chair trays can be tricky and high chairs are tough to keep clean. With the launch of our new 4moms high chair, we were able to solve both of those problems through the magic of magnets. Not only are you able to easily attach the tray top to the high chair using magnets to lock it into place, but the tray top itself is magnetic, which allows 4moms bowls and plates to stay in place, minimizing messes. We’re always listening to what’s going on and what parents ‘wish’ they had.”

Lindsey: “With so many charities you could potentially support, why Operation Shower?”

Erin: “Operation Shower is an amazing organization that aligns with our 4moms Cares mission – we’re both helping children and families when they need it most. It’s awesome that we’re able to support so many military families.”

Lindsey: “You’re coming to one of our upcoming showers! What are you most excited about?”

Erin: “I’m so excited to see a shower in person. It’ll be my first one, and I cannot wait to see these military families being honored in a way that they truly deserve.”

At such a significant level of giving, we believe that 4moms has fulfilled their mission to “Dramatically impact the lives of children & families in need through meaningful product donations, hospital discounts and by supporting the local communities”. We know they’ve dramatically impacted the lives of the moms Operation Shower has served. We know they’ve helped provide product to families who may not have been able to have it otherwise and we know that their products have helped us bring joy to the military communities. We know that 4moms cares and we’re so grateful!

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