Meet the Moms: Ellery


Meet Ellery…and keep reading for an adorable newborn photo!


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Is this your first pregnancy? Where do you live, what do you do?

My name is Ellery. I am 25 years old and I have two sons. Elliot and Noah! I am married to Stephen. He is a nuclear Engineer Officer in the Navy. We live in St. Marys, GA. I stay at home with our two boys.

How did you hear about Operation Shower?

I heard about Operation Shower when a representative called me and said I was invited to one of the showers! Someone from our FRG nominated me! I was so shocked and surprised!

How has being a part of Operation Shower impacted your pregnancy?

Being a part of Operation Shower impacted me in many ways! I was first of all, very humbled to know that there were so many people who cared so much to serve and honor military moms. I felt so special and honored at the shower. Winning a crib and a dresser took so much stress off my shoulders as well.


What are your words of wisdom or advice for other military moms-to-be?

Some words of advice for military moms would be to make time for yourself…even if that means really soaking up a long hot shower or bath when you get the chance. Reach out to others around you and be willing to receive help. We were never meant to do this alone!

What are some of the most impactful ways that others can give back to the nations’ service families?

Some ways that others can give back to military families could be to help watch the kids while momma goes to the spa…or just continuing to sponsor Operation Shower!


Thank you, Ellery. We love seeing daddy with his new son. Thanks for everything you do!

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