Meet the Moms: Kim


We are thrilled to bring you another one of “our” moms. Kim recently attended our “A Celebration Fore Baby” shower at THE PLAYERS Championship in Ponte Vedra, Florida. See what Kim has to say (and check out that adorable family)!


OS: Tell us a little bit about your self. Is this your first pregnancy? Where do you live, what do you do?

Kim: Well, I am 35 years old and I just had my second boy (Mason Lee Fuqua). I am currently a stay at home wife and mother most importantly. I have been a military wife for almost 11 1/2 years now and I love it! The Navy has taught me so much and allowed me to experience things I would never have had the chance to do otherwise. I’ve traveled the world and flown to a different country all thanks to the Navy! I love my husband very much~he is my best friend and the father of our two boys Leslie E. “Tre” Fuqua, III and Mason Lee Fuqua. We are currently stationed in Jacksonville, Florida and hope to be able to retire here. My oldest son is really into playing soccer as well as Tae Kwon Do, so I stay busy with him a lot due to practices throughout the week, games, classes, school and the most important one of all~SCHOOL and HOMEWORK!

OS: How did you hear about Operation Shower?

Kim: I heard about Operation Shower through my friend (Shelly Lewis). She explained that they put on baby showers in different areas and that I should sign up-they could always have one in our area. I thought is was highly unlikely but went ahead and did it anyways! (Boy am I glad that I did!)

OS: How has being a part of Operation Shower impacted your pregnancy?

Kim: Operation Shower has been a complete and total blessing! I received tons of items I never thought in a million years anyone would ever just “give away” let alone to me. I never expected Operation Shower to throw a shower here in Jacksonville, FL. either! It was a complete shock when I was notified to attend. When I attended the shower I was fortunate enough to be able to bring my husband (whom had just returned home early from his IA to Cuba), our oldest son (who has been my rock throughout my whole pregnancy) and our newest addition, Mason Lee!


OS: What are your words of wisdom or advice for other military moms-to-be?

Kim: Never be afraid to ask another military wife questions or for help. We are all family when it boils down to it no matter how far away we are from each other. We are the strongest women anyone will ever meet; nobody understands what we go through on a day-to-day basis except for us!

OS: What are some of the most impactful ways that others can give back to the nations’ service families?

Kim: Operation Shower was an awesome way to give back to us! Sears is also giving back to the military families as well with “Heros At Home”. I personally love going out to dinner, the movies, shopping and getting portraits done with my family so anything dealing with that would be wonderful!

OS: Anything else you want to share with us about your experience being a military spouse or with Operation Shower?

Kim: It’s not always easy being a military wife-nobody said it would be. However, I do what I have to do and make the best of what I have and yet somehow I manage to always land on my feet. Not long ago a lady once told me “only the strong survive”. I totally agree with her and will cherish her words….I am determined to survive!


OS: Thank you, Kim, for taking the time to let us see into your world and share it with everyone. We are so glad we had a venue large enough to accommodate and meet your entire, sweet family!

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