10th Anniversary Spotlight: Volunteer Amy Truitt

Operation Shower Volunteer

A little background about yourself.

I live in Illinois with my husband and work as a personal trainer in St. Louis. I enjoy meeting new people, serving in my church, traveling (or at least planning it!), cooking, and anything outdoors.

Amy Truitt

When did you first start volunteering with Operation Shower?

I began volunteering with Operation Shower in the Fall of 2015.

Why did you choose Operation Shower as a way of giving back?

I have always enjoyed organizing events and began researching different opportunities to volunteer with event planning organizations. I found Operation Shower and knew right away I wanted to check it out. I have friends and family who served in the military and giving back in this way was right up my alley.  

What does giving back to military families through Operation Shower mean to you?

Military families sacrifice their time and comfort in order to serve. They are often away from their loved ones and routinely must move and adapt to different surroundings and people, which can be especially challenging with a new little one. Giving back to military families by throwing them a baby shower is just a small way we can show them how loved and appreciated they really are. Operation Shower has allowed me to be involved in the magic behind the speechless faces, ear to ear smiles and tears of joy that prove our thankfulness.

What has been one of your favorite memories of volunteering with Operation Shower?

This past January, I was able to help out with my first Operation Shower event and see firsthand the wonderful families and babies who received the gifts donated by so many caring companies, churches, and volunteers. It is always fun to see the behind-the-scenes work come alive at these special events.

If you could say one thing to military moms and families, what would it be?

We see you. We see your dedication to your families and your country. We see your sacrifice and do not take it for granted. Thank you for being selfless.

How many showers have you attended?

I have attended 1 shower.

Anything additional you would like to add?

I love taking inventory! I do not have kids, therefore, am not often strolling down the baby aisle at Target gushing over fluffy blankets and tiny shoes. Going through inventory means I get to see all of the adorable clothes, hats, baby bags, toys and more that these deserving families will receive at the next shower!

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